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Kampachi (Seriola rivoliana) is distributed throughout the warm waters of the world, and is native to the Sea of Cortez. On our offshore farm site, we ensure that we have robust net pen construction, copper-alloy metal mesh netting, and constant vigilance for maintenance. However, in spite of our best efforts, there is always a possibility of some fish escaping. This is a problem for us as fish farmers, and it is also something to be avoided because of the potential genetic impacts, or the impacts on wild ecosystems.

We use only wild-caught or F1 (first generation) broodstock to ensure that there is no significant difference between the King Kampachi inside the net pen and the wild fish outside in the Sea of Cortez.

Any fish that have escaped from our net pens, from breaches in the nursery netting, are invariably subjected to very heavy predation pressure. The long-term prospects for survival and reproductive success of any escapees are unknown. However, there is little likelihood of escapees competing in any significant manner with the wild stocks of snapper or other high value species targeted by local fishermen.

We report all of our escape events, and undergo rigorous analysis of the root cause, so that we can prevent future escapes. We share our escape reports here publicly because we are required to do so under the Aquaculture Stewardship Council certification standards (see Certifications page), and because we strongly believe that a transparent approach is important both for our customers and our community