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Research and Innovation

Responsible offshore aquaculture offers immense opportunity for softening mankind’s footprint on the seas. Taking advantage of that opportunity requires continuous research into:

– offshore technologies, to improve fish welfare, team safety, and operational efficiency–to include the use of copper-alloy nets that minimize biofouling and attendant impact on fish welfare;

– alternative feedstuffs, to reduce our reliance on forage fish fisheries, and to find more responsible, scalable sources of proteins and oils for our fish diets;

– improved fish health, through better nutrition and more nurturing stock management; and

– selective breeding, using modern analytical tools to increase the power of traditional practices for improving growth rate, feed efficiency, fish health and product quality.

To this end, our team in La Paz, Baja California Sur, actively seek and build partnerships with leading marine scientists and institutions to better our understanding and improve our operational processes.