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Kampachi®, pound for pound, are known to sports fishermen worldwide as one of the hardest fighters in the ocean–small wonder that local fishermen in the Gulf of California nicknamed it El Pez Fuerte: the strong fish.

Seriola rivoliana are member of the Carangidae family and can be found from the western Atlantic, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, however, it is well known in the Californian Gulf by local fishermen as “El Pez Fuerte (The Strong Fish)” for its energy, stamina, and fighting spirit, and its prized by sports fishermen worldwide for these qualities. It can be easily identified by its characteristic dark, diagonal stripe through the eyes to the nape.

«Seriola rivoliana is usually found singly or in small groups, occasionally in proximity to the coast, but more often some distance from shore. It frequents outer reef slopes and offshore banks to depths of 160 m. Adults are pelagic and epibenthic, possibly more oceanic than other Seriola species, and rarely found in inshore waters; juveniles are pelagic and occur offshore, under floating plants and debris when small. The Almaco jack is a roving predator of small fishes but also feeds on invertebrates. Spawning takes place in tropical waters during spring. It is usually caught with pelagic and bottom trawls, seines, and on handlines and rod and reel trolling. The maximum size thus far reported for this species is 110 cm fork length, but it is common from c. 55 cm to 80 cm LF.”1

  1. L. Castriola. Journal of Fish Biology, Seriola rivoliana in the Mediterranean, The Fisheries Society of the British Isles, (2012) 486.


Seriola rivoliana
(Valenciennes, 1833)
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Medregal Negro Longfin Yellowtail El Pez Fuerte
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