King Kampachi


We are proud to announce that The Kampachi® Company is now an official FishChoice Supplier Member. As a FishChoice Supplier Member, our company is part of a seafood community of like-minded businesses, NGOs, and others who are committed to advancing seafood sustainability. FishChoice is a registered environmental nonprofit organization founded in 2008 that is dedicated to helping businesses advance their seafood sustainability efforts on their own.

The FishChoice platform is a public source of seafood product information, with sustainability data covering an estimated 700 species and over 4,000 sources of wild and farmed seafood. We strongly believe that a transparent approach is important both for our customers and our community, through the FishChoice platform we can update information about the origin of King Kampachi® and Kampachito®, and inform its current sustainability status.

FishChoice partners with the leading global organizations that rate and certify seafood based on its environmental sustainability. FishChoice matches our product sources with that information and updates us when that information changes so we can make sure our staff and customers have the most current information readily available.

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