King Kampachi

Cabo Chefs welcome the coming of King Kampachi™


King Kampachi® usually elicits that response, whenever we share our fish with people for the first time.

This time, it was our turn to say “Wow!”.

We were honored recently to have our King Kampachi® at the center of a gathering of the most esteemed chefs from Los Cabos.

Chef Alberto Collarte, executive chef at Grand Solmar Resort, on the Pacific side of the famed arch, invited a few of his closest friends to come and share some King Kampachi® from a pre-harvest from our offshore site in the Bay of La Paz. He extended an open invitation to them all – “Mi casa es su casa” – and then they set to work on a phalanx of our fish. The creativity and camaraderie was most impressive. The diversity of preparations was inspiring.

Here’s a sampling:

  • Fried King Kampachi® head stuffed with ceviche.
  • Grilled King Kampachi® with white clam and chorizo.
  • Roasted King Kampachi® with pork beans (typical Mexican dish) and shrimp.
  • Fried King Kampachi® marinated with salt and lemon.
  • King Kampachi® with corn sauce and radish.

It was truly an honor for us, and what a way to honor our fish! Let’s do this all again, sometime soon, amigos y amigas.

(The first commercial harvest of King Kampachi® is scheduled for March 11th. Chefs, distributors, please let us know if you would like a preview-sample of the Ocean’s Finest Fish™.)

Photo by Chef Abraham Tamez

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