The Kampachi® Company

Our team nurtures King Kampachi® miles offshore in the deep, clear waters of the Gulf of California. We consciously raise our fish using innovative technologies and apply the latest scientific research so as to maximize their welfare. Our goal is to offer you the best fish you can eat, and share with those you love.

King Kampachi®

King Kampachi® is a delicious, sashimi-quality marine fish. It has a clean, crisp bite and a rich, buttery flavor. It is extremely versatile: as sushi and sashimi it is unsurpassed; and is equally delicious grilled, baked, sautéed, poached, smoked, or however you like to prepare it. It is full of high-quality proteins and heart-healthy Omega-3s. Our King Kampachi® have no detectable mercury or PCBs, and are one of the purest, healthiest foods that you can eat.

Consciously Raised

We carefully nurture King Kampachi® through every stage of their life cycle. Our native broodstock spawn naturally year-round. We raise their eggs from larvae to juveniles in our on-shore hatchery, and then raise these young fish in the clean waters and strong currents of the Gulf of California, Baja California Sur.

We use innovative culture methods that allow our fish to express normal schooling behavior in their natural environment, which maximizes their health and welfare. We strive to meet the highest international environmental, social, and governance standards, and to continually improve the processes that guide us.